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Car Batteries Bloemfontein.

Car Batteries Bloemfontein
Car Batteries Bloemfontein

We sell new as well as second hand guaranteed car, truck and motorbike batteries and solar systems in Bloemfontein.

Battery sketch

Get your FREE battery testing done today!

Valued Services

Quick service and great value for money on truck, motorcycle or car batteries in Bloemfontein.

battery charging service

Charge Batteries

Charging of batteries only R30.
battery testing service

Battery Testing

Free battery service include testing, recommodations and installation.
testing services at tip top

Electrical Tests

Elementary tests on vehicle’s electrical system when needed.

electrical testing service

Battery Installation

Free installation of batteries on premises.

TipTop shop outside with car

Free Delivery

Deliver batteries on order within a 5 km radius from the shop.

Our solar panels + systems are ideal for:

About Us

Tip Top Batteries has been in business for 13 years, and offers expertise, gained throughout these years, to all our clients. Read more.

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